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Exhibition by Joakim Nilsson “The Blue” that takes place at Galleri Zest between 28-29 April 2022 features mostly seascapes and sky with varying shades of blue and the light travelling between the water and the air. Nilsson uses very special oil paints he inherited from his artist mother. This represents the continuation of the genetic talent from previous generation with the oil tubes from another era reaching todays audience in a contemporary context.
Joakim Nilsson is a multi-faceted artist whose oil paintings, illustrations and mixed media works have been exhibited in Sweden and USA. 
Nilsson started studying art and design at Riddarfjärdsskolan and continued his studies at Konstskolan, Stockholm and RMI Berghs.

About Joakim Nilsson

My name is Joakim Nilsson, and I´m a Swedish artist.
During my upbringing, my family really promoted art and photography. As a result, you would often find me with a pen or crayon in one hand and some comic magazines like “Donald Duck” or “Pellefant” in my other hand.
My schoolbooks were annoyingly covered with sketches of flowers and caricatures of the teachers. At the age of 19, I started attending a private art school in Stockholm. To pay the tuition fee, I distributed morning papers before school.
The first lesson that I had in photography is unforgettable since we were taught how to make our own handmade camera, (you are welcome to ask me about it!). That camera really took sharp pictures.
At times, I regret neglecting an offer to illustrate one of the most famous Swedish comic magazines for children, “Bamse”, however, I was only 21 at the time and life was full of other adventures. Fortunately, new interesting roads opened for me.
In my life, I have always viewed photography as a very precious art. My father, Willy, always shot photos on his journeys around the globe, but personally, I am most fond of one of the pictures that he took of my beloved mother. Some of his photos are historical and at times, one of them is exhibited on my expositions.
I thank my parents for introducing me to the art world.

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