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  -    -  Aleksandar Ivanovski Karadare

Aleksandar Ivanovski Karadare

Born June 14, 1943 in Ptilep, North Macedonia.

His artistic calling was decisively influenced by the birthplace which is renowned by the stone and its shaping. He was, for a period, employed as a set designer in the Macedonian Radio and Television productions. Member of DLUM (Macedonian Association of Fine Artist), living and working in Skopje as a free-lance artist.

The early interest of Karadare in the arts dates back at the School of Applied Arts in Skopje, where he graduated from in 1964. After graduating from the high school he had gone off to the Academy of Fine Art in Ljubljana, where in 1970 he received his degree frequenting the sculpture classes of professor Zdenko Kalin.

1973 – Skopje, Museum of Conteporary Art (with G. Matevski and R. Mijakovski)
1973 – Bitola, Art Gallery” Mosha Pijade”
1973 – Ohrid, Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum of the City of Ohrid
1984 – Ohrid, Exibition Salon of the Cultural Center “Grigor Prlichev”
1985 – Belgrade, Art Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade
2008 – Skopje, National Gallery of Macedonia, Mala Stanica
2017 – Sofia, Bulgaria
2018 – MC Gallery, New York, USA

1969 – Skopje, Award for Monument in Trnica
1972 – Strumica, Award for Monument to Goce Delchev
1974 – Struga, Award for Monument to Nstionsl Liberation Struggle
1979 – Skopje, Acquisition award for Small – scale sculpture
1980 – Skopje, Award for the Memorial Bust of Vidoe Smilevski-Bato
1980 – Skopje, Acquisition award of MoCa for Small-scale sculpture
1980 – Skopje, Award “Nerezi Masters” for sculpture at the DLUM Exibition
1980 – Skopje, Award of National University Library” Kliment Ohridski” for drawing at the Exibition DLUM-Drawing
1981 – Novi Sad, Award for the Monument to Kosta Trifkovich (Yugoslav open competition)
1981 – Belgrade, Award for sculpture at the Exibition “National Liberation War in the Works of Yugoslav Artists”, Cultural Centre JNA
1982 – Shtip, Award for Memorial to the Deportation of Jews (Yugoslav open competition)
1982 – Alexandra, 2nd Award for sculpture, XIV Mediterranean Biennal
1983 – Skopje, Acquisition Award for Small-scale sculpture
1985 – Skopje, Award “Dimo Todorovski” at the Small-scale sculpture exhibition in Murska Sobota
1985 – Skopje, Acquisition Award of Pomurski otisak at the Yugoslav Biennal of Small-scale sculpture